Our products act as eco-friendly biocontrol agents, reducing pesticide use, cultivation costs, and environmental pollution. It preserves soil’s biological and physical properties while leaving no toxic residues. Additionally, it increases soil fertility and allows the soil to naturally retain plant-usable nutrients.
Because there is no residue left in Food, Fodder, and Fibers, our products are not harmful. They are also suitable for use with organic manure. We strive to improve plant and fruit production and nutritional quality. We ensure that plant growth is stimulated while using as little N, P, and K as possible. We also work to increase the number and length of roots and shoots.

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We do not just produce fertilizers, but also assist our customers for the most efficient use of our products. We train on the principles of sustainable agriculture and responsible farming. 

We even guide farmers to use the right products at different stages for the crops with minimum expenditure which further helps them with the right quantity of water distribution

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Biopesticides are compounds that are used to manage agricultural pests by means of specific biological effects rather than as broader chemical pesticides. Usually, certain types of pesticides are derived from natural materials such as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals.

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